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Arts & Culture


Paddle Sports

Whether you paddle a kayak, canoe, scull, or stand-up paddleboard,
Old Lyme's beautiful waterways always make for a memorable excursion.

Car-Top and Carry-in Boat Launches

Car-top boat launches

Old Lyme has multiple small vessel boat launches to access the Connecticut River and its many estuaries.

Go to the Connecticut River Paddlers Trail website or the State DEEP Boat Launch site

for important details of each launch on its interactive map.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 7.09.57 PM.png

Public Car-Top Boat Launches

Connecticut River

Lieutenant River

Four Mile River

Great Island (Easiest Public Access to Black Hall River)

Rogers Lake

Excursions & Rentals

For a downloadable trail map that begins at the Smith Neck State Boat Launch
created by the Connecticut River Estuary Regional Planning Agency, 
click here.

Black Hall Outfitters

132 Shore Road

A full service outfitter, Black Hall offers a variety of kayaks (single, tandem, fishing), canoes, and paddleboards for rent or sale. BHO also leads sunset paddles, ecotours and group paddle excursions. Located on the Great Island Estuary.

blackhall rentals from groupon ad.png

Swallow Murmurations

September-Early October

Local organizations including CT Audubon's RTP Estuary Center lead paddle and boat excursions to see what renowned ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson called Old Lyme's “twisting tornadoes of tree swallows."

swallows nothingbutnewengland dot com.png

Old Lyme Land Trust Kayak Regatta


The Land Trust holds a kayak regatta every September.

The six-mile route includes time on the Connecticut River .  Paddlers of all ages are welcome. A USCG-approved life jacket or vest and pre-registration are required.

old lyme land trust lymeline.jpg
Rentals and sales
hack rowing oldlymerowing org image.jpg

Rowing is a popular sport among all ages in Old Lyme. Our Rogers Lake offers one of the very few easily-accessible, wind-sheltered 1,500 meter straight courses in Connecticut. Two Lyme-Old Lyme Public School graduates represented the United States in Rowing for the 2020 Olympics and we couldn't be more proud. Learn more about Old Lyme's Rowing Association.

Old Lyme Rowing

Old Lyme Rowing
2019 MAP COLOR halls rd_edited.jpg
Welcome to Old Lyme

Welcome to Old Lyme, a small, historic town on the Connecticut coastline. We are known for our art galleries and beaches, and have so much more. Whether you are thinking about relocating your home or business here, or just looking to visit for the afternoon, welcome! We are glad to have you.

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