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The Long View: Ensuring a Sustainable Old Lyme

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Old Lyme townspeople value the inspiring natural resources surrounding us. As our Plan of Conservation and Development states,

“Decades of effort by volunteer land-use commissioners and dedicated property owners have preserved a great abundance and variety of natural resources and kept Old Lyme as a peaceful, serene haven, with its people strongly in tune with the natural world around them and having a real appreciation of its small-town sense of community."

As recognized by the Sustainable CT organization, Old Lyme is a thriving municipality. The Town recently received Sustainable CT’s highest level of recognition in 2021, a Silver-Level Certification. Old Lyme is one of only 27 municipalities in Connecticut to achieve this recognition (as of November 2021), and is the first to do so in Southeastern Connecticut.

Old Lyme is proud of its accomplishments in meeting the multiple best practice standards of Sustainable CT. Our intentional focus on promoting our arts & culture and preserving our natural surroundings creates a thriving community. Initiatives such as a youth creative arts summer program, a pollinator pathway, and the Witness Stones project, ensure our community members are engaged in a better understanding of the world around them, and in turn create positive impact. Our strategic planning in areas such as Conservation & Development, Open Spaces, and the School District’s Carbon-Free by 2030 resolution continues our focus on creating a more sustainable, resilient future.

Old Lyme will continue to look to the best practices of Sustainable CT to ensure the Town is an inclusive, resilient, and vibrant community for generations to come.

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